For the last couple of weeks my kids have been super excited about being creative with their shadows. Normally we just pop up the flashlight on my phone and they dance around before bed. Recently we thought why not have a mini Valentine’s party with heart shadows. We busted out some heart cookie cutters and off we went. Really, you can free hand it, get creative and punch holes along the border, or print any shapes or designs you like and pop them on a popsicle stick and then just have fun! Put on your favorite music and have a shadow dance party.

We’ve also included Storytime with Messy Play Studio’s read aloud of The Gruffalo’s Child as well. Enjoy!!

What you need:
Cardstock paper (black preferably)
A white crayon
Popsicle sticks
A flashlight

  1. Create your hearts on the cardstock using your white crayon.
  2. Cut the hearts out.
  3. Tape them onto the popsicle sticks.
  4. Grab your flashlight and have fun!

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